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Evidence required for baseline?


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Hi There,

I am brand new to reception and in an international setting. I am looking regularly at the tapestry baseline page on the site and want to ask how much evidence is needed for me to select an option - especially if I think they are exceeding age band expectations.

I have no support as management are less trained than I am in EYFS and we are phasing the children in so currently they are only in till 11.30 each day- I feel as though this is not enough time to get a good idea of evidence based observations on what they can and can't do.

Any thoughts..? Do I just compare the early learning goals and outcomes of age and make a judgement?


Any help at all is great!

Floundering ?

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I would be using your professional judgement. You don't have to make the baseline assessment straight away - I would be spending the time getting to know the children over the first few weeks - once you have got an idea of where they are 'at' you can set the baseline - you can set the date to the beginning of term even if you make the baseline later. I would take my time and get to know them first before I committed my judgement to the baseline!

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