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Myself and the Nursery nurse have been given the 'enjoyable' task of rewritting all the Early Years policies (note we are not co-ordinators).


First, does anyone know of a website that has examples of good practice so we can make sure we are on the right track.


Secondly, there are sections on writing targets on 'speaking and listening' and assessing each area every half term. e.g. HFW, number recognition, speaking and listening.


I assess the children throughout the term and change my planning accordingly, should i be doing tick sheets at the end of each term for these areas?


I don't know when this policy was written (quite possibly before the profile), it's just unnerving me a little.


How do you plan for speaking and listening? Do you write targets for each child? for each area? What assessment do you do at the end of each half term?


Sorry for the ramble, i've just been going over it all and these are the things that stick out.


Thanks :)

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I have just done a bit of a search on here and have seen that most target setting seems to be done as we do, at the end of term from the profile including 1 literacy, 1 numberacy and 1 other. We do this, and then discuss it at our parents evening - well day now (we're trying something new).

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