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Although this article is about teaching in secondary schools it resonated with me about how we ask questions throughout a child's school life - I am sure that there are aspects of good practice that we can all draw from this. What do you think? (and I'm going to choose someone to answer, so you'd better all pay attention! .... I'm really not!)


Five steps to effective questioning

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Hi - that was an interesting read!


I have been thinking a lot about the 'no hands policy' idea. It tends to be the same children putting their hands up all the time and almost turns into a competition (who can put their hand up fastest, who can wiggle and wave their hand around the most!!)

Then, whenever you pick children without their hand up they look at you in terror and some freeze.


I started introducing the idea of not putting hands up towards the end of last year. I would say things like "I'm going to give you (a specific amount of time) to have a think and chat to your friends and then I am going to ask some children to share their thoughts with us"


It took a little while for the children to get used to the new way of answering questions (and lots of praise for children remembering not to wave their hands at us!) but, once the children were used to it, the new system worked really well.


I am considering doing it from September with my new class so that the idea of anyone being asked a question becomes the norm straight away


Has anyone else got any experience of this?

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