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Reception Concert - Any Ideas?


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I am the lead teacher in Reception (3 classes) and we have to do a production/ concert just after Easter. In previous years, we have done 'Noah's Ark' and various concerts from Golden Apple.


Do any of you have any suggestions for a concert or any scripts??? I just seem to have run out of ideas this year (4th year of doing this) and I really could do with some ideas/ inspiration.


It has to be a bit more than a 'class assembly' with loads of songs, a dance and a story - lasting approx half an hour.


I am hoping to write the concert in half term.


Hope you can help??!!

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We are practising some songs for Easter/ Mothers day. We are using "Out of The Ark" Easter songs.I think you can listen to samples on their website.

I am singing them as I type because they are such "catchy" tunes.




Thanks Bubblejack - I have 'Out of the Ark' too - the songs are great and I would like to incorporate them into a theme - I have the 'Taking care of others' and 'On the Move' books. I just need to get a story to go with the songs........... or a different concert idea.

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There are a few on The Grumpy Sheep site - Jonah and the Whale, In the Beginning and a Pets one. Simple script, songs and movement.


We did one of the Christmas ones and it went really well (except for the appalling dress rehearsal!); parents loved it :)

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