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We are starting out growth topic after half term. We are goinf to begin with human growth and ourselves. Each year we seem to end up doing the same thing and we could do with some new inspiration for ideas. In the past we have looked at stages of growth, likes and dislikes, favourite things, people who are special to us etc.. Doeas any have any new and exciting ideas?



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Dear Lola

We do all the normal things

Create Height, weight, eye colour charts

Bathing a real baby followed by doll washing and dressing etc - normally one of our mum obliges with a sibling

Growing cress/sunflower seeds/carrot heads

Skeleton bodies - children to stick straws on to a card person

hand and foot painting with word charts of what we can do with hands and feet

Doctors surgery - bandages and stethoscope - organise St. John Ambudlance to come in, children to listen to heart beats through stethoscopes

Visit by dental hygienist to talk about teeth and growing

My brain has gone now but I am sure others can o doubt add more than this


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Have you checked out Sue R's arcticle on growing? It has loads of fantastic ideas, especially in the PSED section, if you're specifically looking at human growth.

In reception when we did the topic, we made mini books with What we could do when we were a baby, what we can do now, what we will be able to do when we're older. We also looked at baby clothes - had them on a line with numbers on for ordering. also ordered baby/children's clothes by size, discussing who they might belong to. Looked at children's baby photos & tried to guess who each baby was. Looked at age progressional photos of the same person & tried to put them in order. Our role-play area was a baby clinic.

Sue's article is well worth a look - I will definitely be using the ideas after half term. :)

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