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You can do this in a word document

Select Wordart and choose the very first (Outline) wordart image you see in the gallery click ok

Type your letter and then click ok

Once it has appeared in your word document play around with the size and width you want.

If you want to make the outline bolder then click on you letter and go to line style and choose the thickness of the font.


Another way to do this is to type in a letter (make the size as big as possible on your page and then go to Format and Font. Here you can choose outline and this will do a similar thing to that in word art; however, it is not as accurate and you cant make the line bolder.

Hope this is clearer than mud.


I have attached an example I quickly did in word art.

We use this all the time, especially for name writing and keywords. We laminate them and then use with drywipe pens :o

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Guest tinkerbell

What about the letters in the Progression in Phonics handbook?We have laminated these and use them for alsorts of activities

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Thanks very much. We don't have the Progression in phonics handbook, just Playing with sounds. Are the letters available to download anywhere? The word art attachment was very helpful-my problem now is finding a font which comes out like the learning with sounds letters!

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