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Hi Daisy,

As a school for reception and key stage 1 we first set targets for parents evening in October. We set 1 literacy, 1 numeracy and 1 other usually related to cutting skills or pencil control etc.. We review these targets half termly. We take our for reception from the profiles - number usually related to touch counting, addition + subtraction and number recognition. Literacy usually related to sound recognition, blending cvc's and using sounds in writing.




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Guest Miss Molly

Hi. I've recently set individual targets for maths and literacy for our Reception children (48 in unit), to comply with the rest of the school. This has been made very manageable. We have a caterpillar suspended from washing line, thre body parts are red (numeracy) and three green (literacy). He also has three yellow parts for general targets. I think of one objective that is easy to track e.g. number of keywords read or counting reliably and then differentite this into three. Eg, on the first literacy body section it may say 'We are learning to read 10...', second to read 20 and third to read all, etc. Then I write which children should be on which part and stick this on with blue tack. I can then date next to the name when achieved and write name on next segment. These can then be taken down and kept if you need evidence of progress in individual targets. It is easy to manage as only three targets. Give it a go.

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