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Nominated Person and DBS


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I know this has been discussed a lot... but I still seem confused after reading a lot of threads. I have become a committee member to remain the nominated person. I have a very old CRB (2005) check. Do I have to do a DBS now, and a health certificate?


Also we have a new member joining the committee who is a childminder. I know she will need a DBS but is this done on the Ofsted website for committee members?



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Yes you will. Do a new DBS check as you would for new staff member but you must sign up for the update service within 19 days of dbs certificate date.


As you are staff you'll have to do the staff route DBS and not the committee route one.


Once you've done that go to Ofsted online and register if you aren't already for SEF purposes and complete an EY2 and put position down as Other and state you are to be nominated person and have been elected to the committee for that purpose and that you are also manager.




Your new committee member may have to do a new dbs if her own as a childminder isn't on the update service. If it is then she just needs to do the Ofsted online route for an EY2.


Does that make any sense?!

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