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Progress- How Do You Know?


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Hope you can help.


We have been possed a question by our headteacher and she want an answer- that is better than gut reaction, or we hope they are achieving their full potential...or we know the child...


The question is


How do we know that the children we teach are achieving their full potential?

How can we show this?


Its a question she was asked by our attached inspector, but she wants our views on it as soon as possible.


Hope that someone has some wise words.


Thanks in advance


L :o

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well apart from your given reactions, isnt it about children meeting and exceeding expectations ie learning objectives being attained and showing progression towards ELGs and profile.

Meeting developmental norms---profile.



Just some thoughts!!

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I agree with Susan, with the added thought of parent comments on their childs progress.


If the Inspector is being pedantic over a word though, How do any of us define the term "full" ?:oxD:(



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I quite agree, Susan. It's also to do with differentiating your provision/teaching to ensure you respond appropriately to individual children.

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Have to say- yay we all agree!!!


But why do heads always want more:(


We have brainstormed the ideas, what with that and thinking skills, build in observations not for the profile , but to answer a question i am supposed to have about my class, quiet reading, handwriting every day, and problem solving.... theres no time left for anything else.


Thanks for confirming our responses to the question.



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Hi Lorna

This question posed by your head has made me pause for thought and ask myself the same question. Are the children in my class achieving the targets I have set them, are the more able having their needs met, as well as the less, do I take the time to think about each child, or do I tend to think of them in the groups they work in? On the whole I think the children do achieve their best, as much as I can help them to, but there are lots of other factors that may get in the way of that happening such as the children's home life and family problems, illness, lack of money to buy desperately needed resources, lack of support from the LEA , staff illness, etc.


As far as 'showing' that they are I think the comments already made are good forms of evidence. Also remember your own observation and knowledge of the children's learning and your confidence in telling people that you are providing the right/best learning enviroment for the children in your class is very important evidence too.

Hope you enjoy the debate the challenge your head has set you and good luck when you say your bit.


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