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Number Puppies (galt Educational)


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Hi, does anyone have this resource in their setting? We are thinking

of buying it for ours but are not sure that we would get the use out of

it. Any feedback from anyone who already has it, would be greatly

appreciated as my setting is a charity and and we really don't have

that much money to spend (especially on resources which may not live up

to their marketing!!)




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We have this resource at our setting but have to admit the children prefer the compare bears as we have laminated sheets for them and they are a nicer plastic if you get my drift. Having said that some children like to sort the number puppies into colours etc. Maybe I should get them out agaion and have another go.


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We have both bears and puppies and the children like them. We like the puppies because of the variety of colours-more scope to progress those children who are not recognising the less obvious colours. The only pity is that there are no black ones, or at least there isn't in the older sets.


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Thanks Sue for the welcome - now I've managed to subscribe to this forum I look forward to chatting with you all (lots!)


Thanks also to Debbs and Linda for your comments - we have a lot of ESL children in our setting so anything that promotes language development is welcome. I hadn't considered that Puppies as a theme may be more relevant to the children than teddy bears :)

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