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I am trying to understand the purpose of the ELG+ function when making refinements and completing Summative assessments in our Reception year group and am also trying to figure out how the ELG/ELG+ compares to the EYFSP Judgements.

We have been using the Tapestry Secure refinement (against the ELGs) to indicate if a child is secure and/or has gone beyond the ELG - this would most likely only happen in end of Term 2 Summative Assessments and Term 3. We think that a Tapestry Secure Refinement would be the equivalent to an Exceeding on the EYFSP at the end of the year. I would also think that the Tapestry Developing refinement is equivalent to the Emerging Judgement in the EYFSP - is that right?! So, how does the ELG+ fit in to all that and what is it's purpose?!

Can someone please explain how they use ELG+, how they are using Secure ELG and how the Profile judgements of Expected/ Emerging and Exceeding compare.


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The EYFSP 2016 handbook has descriptors for exceeding on page 37 onwards.




They are also descriptors based on the Tickell review, which we have used for several years now.


I can't help with Tapestry I'm afraid - we use Target Tracker across the school.


As far as the purpose of exceeding - who knows what it is actually for! We use it as a 'heads up' for Year 1 teachers, but from a manager point of view I have always regarded it as a bonus; my priority being a solid GLD for as many children as possible.

In some cases (not many in my school) children will be targeted to go into 'exceeding' because we expect at least 6 sub-levels of progress as 'good progress', so if a child is assessed as 40-60 secure on entry they will be expected to be exceeding ELG's by the end of the year, but that is part of our appraisal system rather than anything more official.


Hope that helps a bit.

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