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The head has agreed it would be useful for the Foundation Stage staff to look at a variety of settings so that we can develop our practice :D . Has anyone had any experience of visiting overseas settings? Would be very grateful for any advice and suggestions to destinations :)

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I went there in 1998 and had a fantastic time, I have spoke about it before in forum posts. Their ethos is very much for the outdoors. All nursery's from age 18mths to 6 yrs are local government subsidised, dependent on parent earnings. The primary classes I also visited were just an extension of the nursery, with regards to layout and resources, but with larger equipment. ie: building blocks and large planks so they could develop team work carrying the heavier plants to build. In one primary school they had a main classroom, an art room, a role play room and a PE hall, plus continuous outside access, and this was just for one class of 6-7 yr olds. I enjoyed watching a boy laying over his chair, his writing paper on the floor as he "worked" on his literacy task, very laid back and recognising the physical needs of young people. The whole planning was linked to a story.


Adult training for teachers covers subjects such as aesthetics, phsycology, health, and community as well as what are our core curriculum subjects. They learn about age range 0-90, visiting old peoples care homes as well as community groups for say single mothers. A much wider, holistic approach to human development. All staff are graduates, they train for 4 yrs.


Professor Tricia David has written extensively about the different educational cultures of European countries, but the title of her books escape me at present.


Go for it if you can MARION, there is a lot to learn out there.



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Thanks Peggy sounds exactly what we are looking for :) Our main targets for this year are to extend and improve our outdoor provision and to develop our role play. We had already suggested Sweden to the head but have to justify it to corespond to identified targets. We became a Foundation Stage Unit in September having previously working as an Early Years Unit ( the main change was we no longer have to duplicate resources ) This has allowed us to extend our secure outdoor area and we are looking to make greater use of this. The new head has been very supportive of our ideas and has funded lots of new equiment. OFSTED visited week before last and identified the Foundation Stage as a strength in the school so we are now looking to build upon this.

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