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I am completely new to this site, isn't it wonderful.

I work at a private day nursery and am currently working my way through the NDNA QC Accreditation. I have policies and procedures coming out of my ears. :o


I was wondering whether anyone could help me on a few i am struggling with.

Staff absenteem policy

Staff meeting policy

Visitors policy.


I would be really grateful. thank you :)

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Hi Silcock, Welcome to the forum :D . I own a private preschool and I am also doing a quality assurance scheme, like many others who I am sure will come along soon and welcome you.


The forum has quite a few example policies some you can access by clicking on this link



and also try the search which will lead you to many, many, discussions.


It never ceases to amaze me how many policy headings we can have, and yours are new to me too. As I am sure you are aware, many policies can be integrated, ie: the staff absentee policy could be included in your employment policy etc.


When we write or review our policies we, as a staff team, discuss and agree the Aim- What is it's purpose, then list how we will carry it out in practise, then how we will monitor and evaluate it. We produce a draft which we send out to parents for their opinions, then produce it.


If you want to have a break from all that is "coming out of your ears", then you have come to the right place. Very good for "avoidance mode" so beware you may well become addicted to this site, but you will definately not be a lone addict. :)



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Hi peggy. thank you for replying so quickly.

What you said is actually a really big help because i am sat here trying to tackle them myself. We are having another staff meeting soon so i will involve everyone.

I am also just off to re-read our employment policy.


Thanks again. :)

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Hi Silcock

Welcome to the forum.

We don't actually have policies for staff absenteeism or staff meetings. They make up part of the staff handbook and contracts.

We don't have a visitors policy either. We have a sheet which is kept in the register and vistors are noted by name , what time they arrive and what time they leave.

Do these actually have to be policies or can you include other evidence instead?


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Hi and welcome to the site!


Some thoughts for you...


Staff absenteeism - should include procedures for contacting work when a member of staff knows they are going to be absent, the nursery's procedures for arranging cover (include phone numbers of agencies, if used) details of when a member of staff has to notify nursery if they are/not returning the next day, a return to work 'chat' and worst case scenario for dealing with persistent members of staff who are absent (particularly on a monday or friday!!)


Staff meetings - I think this is so that there is a clear structure to the meetings and not the manager getting the staff together for no particular reason. I would include in the policy details of any special reports that are to be prepared by key staff, sending a list around for agenda items one week prior to the meeting, confimed agenda being posted on staff noticeboard 24 hours before meeting, process for taking minutes, timescales for actions and any other follow-ups.


Visitors - You should have a policy for invitiing visitors into the setting and carrying out visits in to the local community. WIthin the policy could be a statement of intent about the value of visits and visitors, how venues are checked and risk assessed in advance, procedures on the day (headcounts, first aider, identification, mobile phones etc)how visitors are invited to the setting, signed in and how the visits are evaluated for their value amongst other things..


I'm starting to ramble now (it's been a long week!) but I hope that helps for now...


RB x

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