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Next half term our theme is COUNTRIES we have done this theme in the past (a few years ago) and wondered whether to choose a particular country to focus on (one a week) this time - can think of lots of countries but wondered whether anyone knew of any which had loads of resources to accompany the topic? Also thought of trying to tie it in with world book day.

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Hi myhenroxanne :D


That sounds like a good plan, means you can spread out what you want to do a bit as well.


How about choosing countries that are a bit different to each other. You could look at - China, Italy, Africa, Russia, America

Each one has different food - China - stir-fry, Italy - pizza

They have different weather, Italy's hot and sunny, whilst Russia is cold and snowy


Don't know about any with specific resources though.


Hope that's some help :D



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Hi, I am in the middle of doing an 'around the world' topic and chose to focus on the North and South Pole, Africa and China (chinese new yr nxt wk so fits in nicely for a wk).


N & S Pole - Penguin Small by Mick Inkpen, learn about top and bottom of globe-penguins from South, Polar bears from North. Looked at Non-fiction books about the Arctic and Antartica, penguins and polars bears, made a factsheet about a penguin or a polar bear, wrote a list of things you would need to take if you were visiting a very cold country - link to clothing etc.


Africa - Handas surprise, Walking through the jungle and the leopards drum are great fiction texts. We have a brilliant jungle in the role play area (with a mini tent for the 'explorers' to camp), made animal print pictures looking at patterns on fur/skin/foot prints. Postcards from the jungle, non-fiction texts about wild animals, looked at homes in Africa/clothing/food. Again wrote contrasting list of things to take to a hot country. Baker Ross do some good wild animal masks and animal print card to use in craft activities.


Hope this helps a bit! Emma

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