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'School readiness' survey for doctoral research project


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Dear all


I am studying for a Doctorate of Education at the University of Sheffield and am currently working on my thesis focusing on issues of school readiness. My main focus is to explore teacher beliefs about school readiness, and how these beliefs impact on practice and pedagogy in the Reception classroom.


If you could take five to ten minutes of your time to complete this survey I would be very interested in your thoughts on school readiness.


The link is http://www.smartsurvey.co.uk/s/OT74Z/


The project has been ethically approved via the School of Education department’s ethics review procedure at the University of Sheffield.


Many thanks.



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This survey was extremely interesting to read and I would be very interested in the findings.


My role is currently to provide support to children's centres with regards preparing children for school so any extra information and views from others would be very informative.




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