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Hi all,

I have been involved in learning journey monitoring today and a few things have been raised as points for discussion.

SLT questioned the amount of independent writing evidenced in the books and questioned some judgements being made when writing wasn't purely independent e.g from their child initiated sessions with no adult input.

How much independent writing do your children have as evidence in their books and do you only evidence independent writing?

Hope that makes sense.



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We do a number of things. We have writing opportunities in every area of the provision for 'busy learning time' which is what we call our free flow time. Everything that is produced independently in that time is filed in their learning journey. There are always children who will do lots of independent writing in their busy learning time and some have little or none so in response to this, we now have a session a week which we call 'rainbow writing'. In this session lots of fun activities are set up inside and out linked to our talk for writing that involve writing and the expectation is that every child writes something. The children love this and so every child has a piece of independent writing/mark making per week in their learning journeys. We also do weekly guided writing and we make our phonics sessions a bit longer so that children have time to write a caption/sentence per day. We don't have books as most things are on paper and I have a pet hate of gluing paper onto paper (so wasteful) so we do everything on paper which is filed into learning journeys and made into a book at the end of the year. Hope that helps


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