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Characters for characteristics of effective learning?


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We have decided to find characters to represent the characteristics of effective learning and like the idea of super heroes. I heard a discussion about some called "Have a go Henry" and "Try hard Theresa" at a training day recently, but can't find these on the Internet? I have also heard about some dinosaur characters too, but again can't find these. Can anyone help? Or does anyone have any other ideas they are willing to share? Many thanks ?

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If you haven't already done so you might want to look at the work of Carol Dwek (MindSet) and more pertinently the work and books of Prof. Guy Claxton. The Cof EL are very closely linked to their work. Claxton has several books about BLP - Building Learning Power and one particularly one using superheores.





Our school use learning SuperHeroes we have four large 'Puppets By Post' that represent each learning power Ryan Refelectiveness, Polly Perseverance, Chloe Cooperation, Roger Resourcefulness.

In The EYFS we use dinsosaurs or 'Achivosaurs' that link directly to each characteristic. They are extremely effective in helping children (and parents) to recognise the learning style that they display during an activity. I initially got the idea of the dinosaurs from a TES forum then doing research found out more on the Everything Dinosaur website. We took the basis of the idea, adapted it and made it suit our setting and children. We bought large plastic dinosaurs from ebay/amazon; created stick puppets, cards and a leaflet for parents and now everyone from staff, parents, children and lunchtime staff relate to them.

E.g. Triceratops is a 'Tryatops' a Stegasaurus is a 'Stickasaurus' and so on.


Hope that helps :-) RRRRAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!

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