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We seem to be lacking a bit this year for observations on People & Communities and The World which has made me consider whether we're offer enough in the provision for these areas. I know that we often get observations for these areas in the warmer months and when the children's language and confidence has develop enough for us to share their thoughts and experiences.

Has anyone any ideas for resources to include in provision to promote these aspects? We are going to do some things next week around changes (for our Objective Led Planning) but many of the things that we are doing would have to be with an adult (e.g. baking, making jelly, melting an ice-cube). So I suppose I'm looking for things that children can explore and investigate by themselves. We have a mud kitchen which isn't quite ready yet, and sleepers are being delivered for the outdoor sandpit, so I'm hoping the experience with those will help towards these areas.


Any ideas, gratefully received!

Green Hippo x

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