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Does anyone follow the Literacy Planning CD Rom available from:


It is generally set out for each term and shows what text type to follow.

It also uses the 'Developing Early Writing' Units which are very good, especially for your higher ability children.

I was just interested to know what others thought of the CD Rom, or whether you follow certain schemes for Literacy when you have completed the Jolly Phonics Programme.

Here is an example of the planning on the CD Rom:


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I dip into these plans but find them abit full and busy. I use the curriculum guidance alongside the lit strategy and plan activities tied to the stepping stones, fitting activities into current topic.

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Like Purplecat I use them partially - I was given them, I think, when they first came out, along with all other classes (no nursery) and told the whole school was going to use them. I felt that lots of the 'good' things we'd done before - reading a topic related book and basing activities around these - lots of list writing, recipes, posters etc suffered. But I suppose I would never choose to write poetry with reception if it wasn't on a planning grid.


Whatever you do, I'm sure I've read that the National Literacy Strategy isn't compulsory and that we should base our curriculum on the Foundation Stage curriculum - someone please correct me if I'm wrong as this is what I've just told our new KS2 experienced Deputy :o .



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