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I know this topic has been touched on before but I wondered if anyone had any further ideas for activities to develop in an estate agents, resources to equip the area and experiences to share. Thanks for any help! I've never done an estate agents before but I think it's nice to try new role play areas. As a matter of interest do you generally change the role play area to fit in with a new topic or more often?

Thanks for any useful suggestions.

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Go along to your nearest Estate Agents and have a good look at the set up and ask if they have any old details they could let you have. Check out whether any parents work in an Estate Agents who might be able to come in and talk to the children. If you have an Estate Agents near school you might be able to take them along on a visit. Children could take digital photos of houses near school, or bring in a photo of their own house to make their own sheets.


I change my role play area when I change topic which tends to be each half term - unless the children aren't using it, in which case sooner. But I find it takes a week or so for the children to make resources, signs etc and another week of guided role play so they know how to 'use' it before they can really get on and use it independently.



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