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Hi everyone

I am going to start money in numeracy next week. We haven't covered this yet. Has anyone got any fun ideas about how I can introduce money for the numeracy teaching input and teacher led activities. I really need some new and exciting ideas as I am an NQT and have not covered this before. Our role play is a chinese restaurant so maybe I could link it in quite nicely,

Any ideas would be great!?

Thanks :)

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I usually start with One currrant bun in the bakers shop... it's a great way to get the children invovled in handling and counting pennies.

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hi little angel

i've got the big magnetic coins from Beam and use these al lot in counting songs (like the Current buns) could you adapt that song for 5 bowls of noodles in the restaurant or 5 fortune cookies... etc.

We play 'Who wants to be a millionaire' the contestant wears a money hat and we have a mobile phone/50/50 card and ask the audience card. One of us holds up the giant money cards and they have to say the value. If you havent got the giant coins you can download pictures off the net of coins and enlarge and laminate them. I have some copies somewhere if you get stuck.

You could also simply sort coins by colour/shape/value etc.

Coin bingo

Make little token cards for your Chinese restaurant (e.g. find chinese things on microsoft clip art fan, chopsticks, noodles, coolie hat, pagoda) etc put a price on them and then children pick one of the cards and have to give the shopkeeper the correct amount of coins.

hope this make sense


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Thanks for the ideas. I love the idea of 'Who wants to be a millionaire' and making pictures associated with Chinese things with price tags on,

thanks!! :)

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