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Hi everyone,

hoping you can help, please?


My team leader for performance management came to see me today to set new targets. She has asked if one of them can have something to do with spelling - apparently it's part of a whole school approach (to do with the school self evaluation form xD ).


She wanted them there and then but being the nursery teacher made it a little difficult to come up with an idea staight away.

So I was thinking along the lines of hearing different sounds and linking them to letters, maybe connected with initial letters of their names.....

I don't really know how I can word it or how it can be measured, but I haven't got any other ideas. :o


Has anyone got any suggestions or a better idea I could use?



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Cor, spelling-related targets in nursery :o I think your ideas about linking sounds to letters and identifying all or part of their names is definitely the way to go! Good luck :D

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I agree with ASPK and I think you're ideas sound fine, I've never done nursery, but judging from some of the children who struggle in reception I think even these won't be achieved by all children in nursery. Good luck.



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I thought PM was supposed to be between manager and teacher?

I am suprised that this happened in this way. Are you in a school or a stand alone nursery. I am sure it should be personal and not for everyone to give ideas?


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Hi Nicola,

I think your ideas sound fine ! You could word it something like this ,

'The children (or often they want a %.... ) 75% of children will be able to recognise the initial sound from their name by leaving Nursery .' I'm sure it would not be your first choice for a target but I'm sure something measurable will be asked for.


In theory Performance Management targets are personal but in the context of supporting the development of the whole school and supporting the development plan. I always found when I taught in a Primary School I would be asked to take on a target which I felt was really a watered down version of something appropriate for KS2. I now work in a Nursery School ... heaven .... the Early Years now dominates everything rather than having to constantly be arguing why an emphasis on spelling was not our first priority etc. !! :o


All the best with it Nicola



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