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Jackie H

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Has anyone had an ISI inspection? We are going to be inspected on the 23rd January. Nursery was inspected by ofsted Dec 04 and we were delighted with the report. However this independent school inspection is one that I havent gone through before, has anybody else recently? Would love to talk and ask questions.


Jackie :o

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Am I really the only independent nursery school using this forum? Must say I was quite nervous about last weeks inspection but it was much the same as ofsted. We are thrilled that all areas of the foundation stage was judged to be outstanding, ensuring pupils have the very best start to life at the school. Half term cant come quick enough! when we can celebrate. :)

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I used to work in a setting where where the idea was to develop a private Kindergarten and then a pre-prep school, but differences of opinion became so bad the situation for me was untenable - sorry not to be able to help!


However, well done!!



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Hi Jackie


This my first foray into actually responding to posts on forum but was interested to hear that you have successfully been through your ISI inspection. We had a really good Ofsted inspection last year but like you we are about to go through the process again as part of the whole school inspection. It's good to hear that the process was similar to Ofsted and hopefully our result will be as positive as yours. However, I do wish they would leave us alone for a while as the levels of stress are horrendous. I only took over in the nursery last year to be told as I started that our inspection was due in January and now this year we get an ISI one. oh and in the meantime we've moved into a brand new building.



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