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Can anyone help? We are looking for some kind of pro forma or good advice we can use for our staff appraisals. We are a committee run pre school and have 7 part time staff in total. We work well as a great team together, and some of the staff feel awkward about appraisals. Would be great if we could have some ideas of what works well, without upsetting the team spirit we already have. The Supervisor will be responsible for the assistants appraisals and the committee will be responsible for Supervisors appraisals - any help would be greatly appreciated

Thanks in advance - I know someone will come to the rescue

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Try this link to a previous discussion, there are some downloads on page 2


Staff appraisals


The main thing is to try and see appraisals as "praise" not a time to bring up problems. It should also be linked to job description.


A bad appraisal is worse than not having one at all.




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Hi, like you we're a sessional pre-school too and as a long-standing staff team we have adopted a self-appraisal approach. This is partly as I, as Manager, feel that I do not want a 'top down' approach but would rather we all looked at our own performance, evaluate it honestly, and then, once I have completed a summary, look at the outcomes for everyone, again as a staff team. I imagine its natural to overlook some of your qualities when evaluating your own performance but at the follow-up staff meeting we find that we can often commend each other for things we have seen and thought fab but that the staff member hasn't even acknowledged. We then record our evidence and feedback and use it to form the basis of our training needs and in-house staff development for the coming year.

I think you will find our pro-formas on the link already mentioned but if not send a post back and I'll put them on this discussion.

Good luck

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