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Unclear speech and DMs


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We are base lining a new child who has been assessed by a pediatrician as having autistic tendencies. This child is also under SAL for speech. My deputy and I (there are only 2 of us and we are disagreeing!) would like your opinions.

This child is 43 months old and quite happy to talk to parents (4-5 words) and some of the things they understand and the odd word we do (he uses different consonants to start words). Would you say that he is already doing this


Beginning to put two words together (e.g. ‘want ball’, ‘more juice’).(16-26m)


or not given that the words are not clear?


For me he is communicating and can put two words tog its just that we cannot understand? So I would say he has achieved this.

Would just like a few opinions please.

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Would you expect a child aged 16 months to say words clearly? Probably not. So yes, I agree that your child is beginning to put two (or more) words together. That they are clear is irrelevant at this stage - they are communicating.


That's my opinion, anyway. (as a parent of a child with ASD and unclear speech, as well as a practitioner!)

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