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Can anyone please help. I am an NQT and starting to panic about CLL. :o I am unsure of what order to teach things in. I have gone through most of the letter sounds with the children. I have also just started to do the high frequency words and they seem to be learning them quite quickly. I was wondering if this sounds ok. What else should I be doing. Can anyone tell me about their current literacy input lessons? Thank you so much for any help. Thankyou x

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The standards site NLS do what I think are quite good medium term plans




We use Jolly Phonics and action words in the first term and spend a lot of time on initial sounds and rime building cvc words The Playing with sounds material offers some good activities if you are stuck. We also place a big emphasis on independent writing and encouraging the movements which will lead to correct letter formation. Lots of stories, we hear individual readers and groups. Modelling writing and writing for a purpose (we seem to get boy heavy classes and find they are more willing to write if they see a reason for it) so we've made signs lists menues recipes instructions and encouraged the story telling in role play smallworld etc.


Hope this is some help

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