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Baseline Assessment In Nursery


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Does anyone else do an initial assessment when children start with you in Nursery. My Nursery is attached to a school and my head is keen to be able to show where children are starting from!

I was thinking about drawing up some kind of brief tick list. Does anyone currently use anything ?


Thanks, Amy :)

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Hi Amy,


I'm in a DN Pre-school, 2.6 to 5 years. We have an assessment sheet we go through with children who come to us from outside the nursery, ie, they haven't worked their way up to us, will look for it tomorrow and try to attach it. Will have to scan it, though, so don't know how successful it'll be!



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HI Amy we are a nursery pre-school and we do an intial assessment with mums first then go over it again on our own to see what the children can do with us. We start children at 2.6 months so ours covers 0 to 3 and feeds into the Stepping Stones. if I can scan it in i will post it for you.


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Thanks both of you, that would be a big help. If you can't scan it, just an idea of some of the things that you assess would be great.


Amy :)

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I would also love to see the checklists, i am trying to compile one and any ideas would be greatfully recieved




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Well, I give up, can't attach no matter how I try.


Criteria are - Number - 1-5, 1-10, 1-20, over 20 - attempted (att), good attempt (g.att), achieved (ach), further broken down as recites, recognises

- Maths language - big, bigger, biggest; small, smaller, smallest ; long, short, full, empty, thick, thin,middle, corner,edge, side - att, g.att, ach

- Colour - red, yellow, blue, orange, green, brown, purple, pink, white, black, gold, silver, grey, light/dark - att, g.att, ach

- Drawing - Hand used - L, R; - Adopts - palmer, pincer; Draws - figure, picture.

- Shapes (recognise/match) - triangle, square, circle, rectangle, other - list. - att, g.att,ach

- Name - trace, copy under, attempts own, writes own name - att, g.att, ach

- Patterns - copy, 2 colours, 3 colours, 4 colours - att, g.att, ach

- Jigsaws - inset, 6 piece, 9 piece, 12 piece, 18 piece, complex - att, g.att, ach

- Cutting - snips, cuts, cut along line, cuts around shapes, good attempt, accurate - att, g.att, ach


We don't use this continuously, just when we have no prior knowledge of child's skills, which is why it's fairly wide ranging. I would like to see positional language in there, too, but that's a matter of taste. Obviously we don't sit the child down for formal testing!! we tend to build the picture over a number of days or weeks depending on their attendence (remember, Day Nursery)


Don't know if that's much help?


Sue :)

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Thanks very much Sue, its good to see what you have. I have put mine together, it has some similar things on I think.


I will try to attach it and you can see what you think!


Doh! Canot seem to do it on this computer, will try again later!



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