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Thank You Letter To Santa


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Hi everyone, hope everyones new started off well.


Just a question, does anyone know how my class can send thank you letters to Santa (obviously pretend!!!) using a real stamp and posting it in letter box.


Thank you

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Hi Laura,

With our preschool children we set out the letter format, address to santa, left hand side, our address right hand side, and then the message Dear Santa, Thank you for the............

then the children draw their representation of their favourite present, or they have the choice of looking in toy catalogues ( Argos mainly) and cut out and stick the picture which is the same or most similar to what they received. They then attempt to write their own name, or the symbols which represent their name. Staff will also add / scribe any other comments made by the children.

As a group we walk to the local postbox, We post them all together in one large envelope,(unknown to them addressed to my home address) . When I receive them they are then returned to preschool and placed in the children achievement files. :D


We do this with the letters to Santa too. :D



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