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Nvq 3 Help: Special Needs Assignment


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Hi, I've been set an assignment on children with special needs. There are 3 case studies for 3 children - one with hearing difficulties, one with a visual impairment and one with cerebral palsy. I need to look at how I would ensure they are fully included and what particular problems they may encounter, and how I would adapt the nursery setting so that they can access all activities.


Does anyone have any useful advice or know any links to articles/resources/websites that might help? I also need to research specialised equipment (i.e. furniture, toys, books) - agains, links to websites would be much appreciated!


Thanks for you help.

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Hi, Just wanted to say hello and welcome to the forum.

Just off for supper myself but I am sure someone will reply soon to your info request.



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Hi a good resource which i used for my BTEC was:-

Penny Tassoni: Supporting Special Needs and Understanding Inclusion in the Early Years.

By Heinemann Educational Publishers

Published in 2003.

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A child with a hearing impairment would benefit from being in a quieter environment with reduced background noises. Carpeting the area, using mats on tables and fixing rubber pads to the base of table and chair legs all help reduce incidental noise. Don't use plastic aprons for children with a hearing aid, it causes static.



A blind or visually impaired child would find it helpful to have furniture, equipment and toys in the same place each time they attended. The use of Braille pictures, bright colours and 'feely' materials could also prove beneficial. Putting some small toys onto a pulley at the end of a cot or table could assist some younger children to pull the toys towards them to be played with. These then return to their former position when the child has finished.





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