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Confused about typical and rapid progress


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Hi All.


Can anyone help me before my brain explodes? I'm doing some data analysis for the EYFSP data. When looking at progress, I can't seem to find a definitive answer about what constitutes typical and rapid progress. Some LAs suggest 3 steps of progress, some seem to suggest you can only get rapid or typical if they achieve the ELG (despite many of our children having very low starting points).


Can you let me know what you would class progress as in these examples please?


1. A child leaving F1 at 30-50 S and then getting a 2 in the EYFSP at the end of F2.


2. A child leaving F1 as 40-60 E and then getting a 2 in the EYFSP.


3. A child leaving F1 at 30-50 D and then getting a 1 in the EYFSP but a 40-60 S (in our LA to a 40-60S+ would tie in with achieving the ELG where as 40-60S wouldn't).


4. A child leaving F1 at 22-36S and finishing F2 at 40-60D (1 in profile).


Thanks in advance!

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