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Please Help!!!


I have picked up loads of great ideas to work with my topics which i have now decieded to be


Aut1: Ourselves to inc myself, my school, my family, nursery rhymes

Aut 2: Light inc use of torches, a cave role play, Festivals


Spr1: weather, water, under the sea inc winter, ice, Arctic, Antarctica

Spr2: Aniamls and Plants inc camouflage, mininbeasts, farm, zoo, wild, animals, lifecycles


Sum 1: Stories inc 3 pigs, goldilocks, elves and the shoemaker, Little red hen, peace at last or going on a bear hunt, Handa's surprize

Sum 2: Journey +transport inc movement and forces, road, sea, air,space transport.


Now i know many activities to do i am trying to find an easy way of planning for the main focus and the smaller ongoing tasks e.g. mallable area, sand water.


i know many activities to do but here is the hard bit:-ready:_ i work in a one form entry Reception class. i hear you sat ah :)


now i know many of you are on your own out there and so i ask for your help. I have serched nd found loads of planning grids but would like to know what you do and possibly see some tried and tested formats.


I am expected to do Long, medium and short term plans and on top of that some kind of plannning with objectives for other areas such as water, sand, art, paint etc provision


i am begging for your help i know there are so many great people out there.

This has been bothering me all holiday. i love my job working with the kids but putting it all down on paper is really getting me down.


please can somewone help me

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Guest tinkerbell

I think the Norfolk web site has been mentioned , at the end of each of the half termly topics they have a grid which covers all areas and you can see at a glance what is going on .I copy this and then empty it and put my own ideas in .otherwise make something similar. Some one recently put a similar one on here on a bear topic it looked just as good. Hope this helps.

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We work in a similar way. The Early Years Advisor gave us a planning format very much like the Norfolk one however after looking at both we decided that the Norfolk better met our needs so we us this as a base for our own topic planning.




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