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Good Books For Policies?


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Happy New Year everyone! :(


Can anyone reccomend any books that are really good for writing policies? :(


Have downloaded the sample policies and procedures available here, but can't find the ones that i need :wacko: :(


Does anyone know if the following are normally included into other policies, or know what sort of information i should be including?


Am trying to draft them for my NVQ Level 4 in Early Years :o and need help xD


The policies are:

*Health and safety

*Customer Care

*Quality of services

*Environmental Issues

*Community Involvement

*Response to changing legislation


Look forward to hearing any help/advice you may have :D

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Hi Princess Lu,

NDNA ( National Day Nursery Association) or PSLA ( Preschool learning Alliance both produce policy packs which you can purchase and adapt to your setting, not sure that they would cover all of your list though.

I must admit that out of your list I only have health and safety, within these policies we cover;

Health - communicable diseases, common illnesses, healthy practice with regard to environmental temperatures, fresh air, natural light etc. Healthy snacks, free milk. Good Mental health is covered by BTTM- A Healthy child and FSC curriculum - PSE development, Positive behaviour management & child protection.

Hygiene covers toileting practice and clean environment.

Safety covers lost child policy and uncollected child policy ( mandatory) Accident procedures, risk assessment, Environment, Child protection policy, staffing recruitment and supervision policy, outings etc.

( I'm sure I've missed a lot out but hope you get the general idea)


We have a parents as partners policy which goes some way to meet "Community Involvement" on your list.


We have Home visits, an Operational plan, Terms and Conditions, settling-In procedures and a Prospectus which would go some way in meeting "Customer Care" on your list.


All our policies state when they are reviewed ( annual rolling programme of review) including how they work in practice and we are currently involved in the Kitemark Quality assurance scheme, these would go some way to meet "Quality of Services" on your list, although we don't have a specific policy written.


As for keeping up with and "response to change in legislation", I do this as the owner ( as best I can) but do not have a written policy for this.


You've certainly given me food for thought and it would be great if you could share the policies you come up with for your NVQ 4. I am sure they would be very useful, like the ones already available here in the forum.


Good luck with your NVQ.



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Just a quick additional note, when I did Kitemark training on policy forming I learnt that the Aim and Objectives of the policies and principles should have regard to all the stakeholders - The setting, Child, Staff & Parents and they should be S.M.A.R.T.


Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time manageable.


This has been useful to use when reviewing our policies.



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Hi Peggy,


Thank you very much, that looks really useful.


I will definately post my policies when i've completed them, so others can see them :o



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I read with great interest that you had downloaded some sample policies. Where do I get them from? I am a newly-appointed foundation stage leader and I am trying to do everything at once so I would be grateful for advice on sample policies.





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Good luck Caroline with your post. The policy documents that i downloaded were the ones that Beau linked to :)


Also try looking through the forum scoll bar at policies, there are some helpful chats about policies there.


Lu :o

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