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Tracking development- tapestry

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Hi, we have just started using tapestry and was wondering how other settings track the children's development.


When we were all paper based, we added the monthly observations, linked them up to the EYFS, COEL, then used a 'tracking sheet' which clearly showed which specific statements in each area had not been achieved by the child yet.


I have found the development tracker on each child's journey on tapestry but this only shows what age band they are currently in, in each area and subheading. it does not show the specific statements which they have not achieved.


So how do we know what to focus on?


Any help would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you

Lily Wilkinson

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Hello Lily,

You can see which statements you have ticked in your assessments. Just go to analysis>EYFS and scroll right down to the bottom of your screen, to the EYFS statements screen.

The 'next steps' feature, from the children tab, takes the assessments you've made in this assessment period, and makes suggestions for next steps. The 'next obs' button on the child's postcard, looks at the aspects you haven't yet made any assessments for, and gives you some things to look out for, when you are observing your children.

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Thank you for your comment, I have found the EYFS statements screen but when I select a child I can only see the statements in each area separately, is there no way of seeing them all together so I can print one for each child? so the key persons can see which statements still need to be achieved?

Thank you


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