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Circle Time - Winter Topic


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Anybody have any thought provoking circle time ideas for the topic of winter?!??! Thought I'd be good and look over my planning for next half term - think I've enjoyed Christmas a little too much because I can't seem to get into the swing of things yet and have hit a complete and utter mind blank!



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Dear Gater,

I think it must be the "good cheer" as my mind is fairly addled too.


What about passing around a block(s) of ice and asking the children to try and describe, the feeling, the shape, look at it through a magnifying glass, talk about melting, heat etc. I made loads of ice blocks last term from empty cartons of milk (a suggestion from someone here) they were fantastic as they last so long - I put them into my tuff spot - kids loved them. You could also push on the floor to each other - might be a bit messy but hey its only water. Freeze animals or letters inside to spell out words such as cold, ice etc. Ask children to identify the letter they are holding up etc etc. Could play pairs - matching the letters. You could colour the ice different colours too, what about putting some different types of textures inside them - i.e. sand, oats, rice etc -

Sorry have to add that I have never tried the above - just thought of it and made it up now - so it might turn out horribly wrong but sounds quite fun to me.


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