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Me again


Please can anyone share with me some of the topics they do with their Reception Class


Mine have included


My school

Nursery Rhymes


Growth of plants and animals

Fairy Tales




i would like some inspiration on how to jazz them up a bit


swap some of them for other ideas e.g.


under the sea/water


Light: to include celebrations etc


Just woundering what other people out there do.


i am quiet new to Reception and the topics are in need of some creativity and KUW help



Please can anyone Help



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We do two topics per term but are flexible and will add topics (go off in a tangent) if the children show interesting in other things :rolleyes:for example we did a week on pirates to accommodate a child who had to wear an eye patch and was feeling 'different' so we made eye patches compulsory for small world and role play :D


We also work on a 2 year rolling programme.


topics include


colour / light / sound

water and weather

nursery rhymes

under the sea

in the jungle

people who help us

mini beasts


and now ive gone blank

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I am doing Bears this half term with a mini topic of chinese new year- as voted for by the class. I have let them decide this half-terms topic, and they have evn helped with suggestions- they have chosen their role play area.... a cave (for the bear), a bear factory for our creative table and the 3 bears cottage for the outside play house.

other topics:

Me and My world,





Around the World,


Autumn and Animals,

Celebrations and Festivals,



Colour and shape


hope these help

dougal xx :D

and Marion i must agree with you...I have gone blank now too!

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Hi and welcome to the forum. :) You will find that there are plenty of topics on planning and various themes. You can use the 'search forum posts' button on the top right of the page to access lots of ideas. You might need to put aside a week to get through them all though. :o Happy reading. :)

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This is my first time trying to reply, it all looks really scary! Here it goes! If your topic is bears we had a great school trip, we took our reception classes to @The Bear Factory@ in town where they let us choose a bear and the children watched how it was made. Then we went to the library to listen to bear stories. It was a fantastic morning out and cost hardly anything!

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