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Hope you are all enjoying the summer hols so far.


I am a reception teacher of 6 years and I was wondering if anyone is successfully using the objective led planning approach as suggested by Alistair Bryce Clegg? I recently attended one of his seminars and was very enthused about trialling it back at school, however if I'm being totally honest I did struggle with it. The children weren't particularly happy with us coming into their play, and the ones who were had no desire to complete the objective, even though we were introducing it though play that they had initiated. I am not sure if this is down to the way we approached them (we only went to those who were displaying low level play, those who were very engaged in what they were doing we left to it and observed what they were doing instead) or if it was because they have gotten so used to owning their play for the majority of the year.


I found that maths objectives tended to be a lot easier to evidence and support through play, and struggled a lot with literacy objectives. I am starting to feel rather disheartened and confused by the whole process. :huh:


If anyone is using this approach I would appreciate any advice on how to set this up, and how you balance adult led activities with OLP.


I would also be interested to see how many of you are using 'topics/themes' for your adult led activities? And how much planning you do for your topic in terms of medium term planning/critical pathways?


Thanks :1b

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