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Help What 'umbrella' Heading Do I Give It?


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at long last i managed to get in touch with my LEA area to get the 'free' password to join the site and what a great site it is too.


what am i doing on the night before Christmas Eve worrying about planning for next term.


i have done the usual bog standard topic for ages now adn really feel like a change. i have a very supportive head and deputy who would like that too.


we do loads of fun things like glup, tuff spots, outdoor weaving etc. The ideas come easily but what i find hard is putting them into little boxes and saying we will do this becoause it fits into 'people who help us' etc. i love topic work but seem to have 700 other thins running along side because they seem like good fun to do- and they come from the children.


I also have down to do some topics that our year 1 do and so i can't see the point in doing it anymore. i did Ourselves last year and had the good old doctors surgery but this is a year 1 QCA topic which covers many of the things we did. i am however reluctant to give up the topic because the childrne love the role play surgery and also can a Reception class go through the whole year without focusing on the topic 'Myself?'


i then thought i would do people who help us and just briefly touch on the 'body' bit e.g. senses, bones etc.


i am really in a bit of a pickle. i have loads i want to do but just wonder how to set in down in a topic?


Do we need 1/2 termly topics or could we have shorter 3/4 week topics etc.


just wondering what other people do adn what works for them.


i look forward to some responces PLEASE :o


Oh and by the way



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First of all - a very warm welcome to this FANTASTIC site - I'm sure you'll find it a valuable lifeline (though it might be a little quiet at the moment - Christmas and all that).


I too have debated whether to do Ourselves because it's the Y1 science topic, but when I discussed it with our Y1 teacher she wasn't particularly concerned. We are able to cover the senses in much more detail than she can in Y1 - she says they have 2 lessons (maximum) to cover all the senses. I also feel that we're not just covering it in a 'science' way, but use it to cover all six areas of learning. Besides, children are very egocentric at this stage and it's important to them.


As for covering a topic each half term or doing smaller ones - I really think you should be guided by what you feel and what the children are interested in. Some topics will quite happily fill half a term, whilst others seem to lose their momentum. One of the great things about Foundation Stage is that you're not tied rigidly to a scheme of work - so enjoy the freedom and do what feels right.


All the best and MERRY CHRISTMAS :D



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Hi Teacher in pink! Glad you've found us, I'm sure you won't regret it! :D


I'm going to move this topic to the reception / year one area as I think you may get more response there albeit after christmas now!


I think a topic on "ME" is very pertinent to the reception class and can be very broad or narrow as you wish it. I liked to cover, my family and my home and the wider world within this.


Your topic can last a term or less, although you might split a longer focus into several smaller parts perhaps even changing the focus every week. I have worked with a very broad topic that was split into mini topics every couple of weeks and that was exhausting as I was expected to change my role play accordingly and I felt that I was forever chasing my tail and never responding to the children.


As long as you have SMT on board with your plans why not experiment and see what works for you, Im sure you will be able to fit in all those lovely things that you like to do!


good luck.

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thanks both,


i am really glad i have found this site but am still getting used to it-thanks for moving the topic somewhere you think people might pick it up after Christmas-that's really kind of you.


i think 'Me' is a really important topic to children as they can really get into it. Thanks


if anyone has any great ideas on what they do then please could you share them.



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