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Merry Christmas to all firstly!


Would anyone share with me job description and/or person specification for team leaders position please?


Appreciate any help at all.



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Hi Gem,

All I have is job description we use for Leader in a committee run pre school.

If I can work out how to attach. No couldn't, so here it is.


Net x




Job title: Pre-school leader


Responsible to: Chair of management committee


Responsible for: Pre-school staff


Purpose of the job: To provide safe, high quality education and care for pre-school children; to fulfil legal and

statutory requirements; to supervise staff on a

day to day basis; to contribute to and implement pre-school policies.


Main duties:

· To take responsibility for drawing up long term, medium term and sessional curriculum plans which ensure that each child is working towards desirable learning outcomes; to monitor the effectiveness of the pre-school curriculum.

· To be responsible for providing a high quality of teaching, ensuring that staff are properly deployed and offer appropriate stimulation and support to the children.

· To draw up and to supervise the daily programme of pre-school activities and events.

· To be responsible for implementing systems of observation and record keeping so that children’s attainment and progress is effectively and regularly assessed; to monitor the effectiveness of assessment procedures.

· To organise the key worker system and to supervise staff on a daily basis; to be responsible for monitoring the quality of teaching; to participate in staff appraisals and to identify in-service training needs

· To ensure records are properly maintained, e.g. daily attendance register, accident and incident book.

· To liase closely with parents/carers, informing them about the pre-school and its curriculum, exchanging information about children’s progress and encouraging parent’s involvement.

· To ensure the pre-school is a safe environment for children, that equipment is safe, standards of hygiene are high, safety procedures are implemented at all times and fire drills are practised regularly.

· To liase with committee, co-ordinator, social services and other professionals as necessary and ensure that all legal and statutory requirements are implemented; to provide reports as required.

· To contribute to all pre-school policies and procedures.

· To manage the pre-school petty cash system.

· To attend in-service training and meetings as required.


NB: This post is exempt from the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974. Applicants must be prepared to disclose any convictions they may have and any orders which have been made against them.




Essential Criteria


3 years experience of working in a pre-school setting

Diploma in Pre-school Practice, NVQ level 3 or equivalent

Sound understanding of child development and of children’s needs

Ability to plan and implement a pre-school curriculum

Ability to work with parents and encourage their involvement

Ability to lead a team of adults

Commitment to equal opportunities and understanding of religious and cultural diversity

Ability to write clear reports

Good physical and mental health


Desirable Criteria


Experience of a parent-managed/parent-involving pre-school

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