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Teacher new to foundation stage


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I have that end of the academic year feeling but like many others still so much to do! :o

In September I have a teacher joining our foundation stage team and they are moving from Key Stage 2.

What resources/ books would you recommend they read look into in preparation for the new term? I don't want to bombard them but at the same time they need to be up to speed.


My initial thoughts are

* Foundation Stage Handbook

* Early Years Outcomes

* Letters and Sounds


Any other ideas would be gratefully received.


Thanks in advance

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Gosh that's a jump - I remember moving from Year 2 to Year R (quite a few years ago now!) and feeling as though I'd moved to Mars.

It was hard to make the mind-shift from 'teaching' to 'learning alongside'. It was also odd to have other adults in the classroom as I was used to it being just me and the class. Luckily I had a brilliant Nursery Nurse who taught me the value of complementary roles.


How about Alistair Bryce-Clegg's 'Best Practice in the Early Years'?

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