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I put some on the learning summary to share with parents at the end of each term.

These are ones I can explain to them and let them know how they can help at home.

Obvious things spring to mind like counting but making sure they touch each thing as they go, talking about shapes they can see at home and out and about etc...


If we see other things we have a chart on the cupboard split into the learning areas and we put the child's initials and what we have noticed they need help with or what they are particularly interested in (to help build on their interests)


The weekly planning also has an overview of needs on it!


Also we have a next steps leaf for each child on the windows...........

The children like to see these changed when they have achieved them!!!

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Each key person has an overview of each child which describes their characteristics of learning and next steps by area of learning. KP selects particular NS to focus on for that term based on age and stage, gaps etc and these are focussed on during adult led activities, enhanced planning through interests! A home activity is distributed each term to reinforce current learning and keep parents involved. Parents meetings twice yearly also highlight NS key person is working towards. It genuinely isn't paperwork intensive even though it does sound it!!! So far we are pleased with it - we'll have to see how it's received!!!!

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