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After Christmas our topic for year 1 is famous people. We have decided to focus on famous artists and different art movements such as cubism realism etc. It will be a very creative topic but i am struggling to think of books we could use and literacy activities. Has anybody got any ideas?

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There is a story about a little girl who enters different paintings and meets the people inside- can't think what its called.




We also used the story doodling daniel- which fits in to drawing and art related activities.



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Guest tinkerbell

tHE NATIONAL GALLERY does interactive pictures which are brilliant on an interactive whiteboard tou can zoom in on areas to look at the detail.

have fun Tinkerbell

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Hi Rocket

how about using a painting to inspire the children to make up a story - Rousseau's 'Tiger in a Tropical Storm' would work well. You could write it together as a class, make it into a book, the children could add their own drawings etc. You could extend it into non'fiction and find out about tigers.

Hope this helps

Debbie :)

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How about the Van Gogh Book: Camille and the Sunflowers? I used this with reception- we made sunflower pictures using real sunflower seeds for the centre and oil for the petals with an ink wash.

We used the big book: Sunflower for non fiction writing in literacy - instructions to plant a sunflower, labels for plants etc. We had a Garden Centre role play area too.

We looked at Sunflowers and made our own still life pictures.

CLL objec: sustain attentive listening, responding to what they have heard by relevent comments questions or actions.

PD: handle a range of small equip with increas control.

CD: express and communicate their ideas thought and feelings using a wide range of materials.

discuss what they see, what is painting of? which colours did the artist use? types of flower etc

We also looked at Seurat- the way he used dots to do his paintings.

This term we have looked at Pollocks splatter paintings- fantastic for outdoor artwork.

Piet Mondrianfantastic easy art very good for MD.

a good book : Van gogh for kids by Margaret Hyde

some art websites to see the work of these artists:




or look at aboriginal art- dot paintings and link it in with- Wombat goes Walkabout by Michael Morpurgo

erm,,,,that's all I can think of right now.


dougal xx

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We recently did as a core book for our reception we're going on a bear hunt and I found this great powerpoint presentation on this site




hope the link works, they used lots of different artists to get the effects


my kids really enjoyed it on the IWB and I edited it for shorter versions to tell the story.

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