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Hi. I am new to Tapestry and am absolutely loving it for our Foundation Unit. I was surprised to see that you also have an option for using Tapestry in KS1. This is a great idea and I was wondering if this will expand into KS2 at any stage in the future? My head teacher is keen on finding out if Tapestry could potentially be rolled out across the entire school.



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Hi Rachel


We are working on it :D


We have as you see added KS1 and are working on the analysis for it which we hope to have in place in the Autumn


KS2 assessments to be added in the Autumn and we will also add analysis for these too towards the end of the autumn term.


If you/your head decided to continue to use Tapestry through the school you would just buy another package and call it "Your setting name KS1" and at the end of the year you can transfer your reception children into the KS1 account so that the KS1 staff can seamlessly continue the child's LJ - this is how

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