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Would anybody be so kind to help me out with this question.....please....


Discuss the possible influences of cultural, racial, gender and other forms of stereotyping in response to a child who attempts to disclose abuse.

Give examples. List the things you could do to counteract these influences





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I'd love to help but it is difficult to answer such a long question, not knowing at what level your own knowledge and experience is at. Have you looked at the forum articles on C15?


What have you got so far?


Personally I would list all the types of stereotypical views I'm aware of, beginning with the "groups" given and then consider if and how they may influence my response to a child. If I couldn't think of any then I would ask my tutor for some reading titles which I would find useful.


I personally worry about even considering "stereotypes" these are dependent on how ignorant individual people are, so every candidates answers would be different. I try very hard not to follow a stereotypical view because I know that they are just stereotypes and not based on fact for every child / individual.


For example one person may believe the stereotypical view that Asian men are more likely to abuse an asian girl because they have no respect for the females in their culture, so dealing with an asian girl disclosing abuse you may think that "well, the family culture dictates that they live this way and you maybe shouldn't interfere"


Please note: I have totally made up the last paragraph (and hope sincerely that even writing it down has not offended anyone) my point being that the question is really unanswerable by anyone because we don't know what stereotypical views you hold.

NVQ is about evidencing your personal knowledge, skills, experience and abilities.


Hope that hasn't confused. Maybe as I said before, if you let us know what you have done so far we may be able to help a bit more.




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i agree with peggy, you need to use your own experiances of stereotyping.


You could put somthing abut stereotyping about the background of the child, if they are from quite a poor family, a person may think that they are more likely to be abused, this is nt necessarily the case and this could be counteracted by following correct procedures and equal opps etc...


hope this helps



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