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One of my colleagues has asked about staggered intakes- see below for query. Are any of you able to direct us to research, papers etc regarding staggered intakes???


Hi everyone,
My governors are reluctant to agree a staggered start at the beginning of Reception without some evidence of the benefits. I have some research/papers regarding transition generally and home visits. Does anyone know of a specific paper or article about staggered intake or something that would compliment this like an Ofsted good practice article?
Many thanks


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Officially the children are entitled to start school the first day of term and so if you plan to have a phased / staggered start you have to ensure there is also provision for parents who choose to have their child stay full time from year 1. The area advisory teacher felt this ought to be in writing too. So in the introductory information sent to parents once they have accepted their place and during our new parents evenings in June I will emphasise how important I feel it is and how this supports the child and the long term benefits.

We strongly encourage 2 sessions part time (with 15 children in the morning and 15 in the afternoon) then 1 morning session with all the children and staying for lunch and then everyone all day on the Monday. We have 60 children coming into 2 classes and by having 2 part time sessions it means the children are able to come in in smaller groups (of 15 in each class) and we can set up the basic routines of where everything goes etc as well as everyone getting to know each other. As a parent myself I would hate to leave my child on their first day with all 60 children, 60 parents at least (there is always the odd Grandparent too) and x amount of buggies and we have a fairly large entrance into the classes. The letters will go out next week and hopefully this is enough time for parents to get childcare for 3 afternoons or mornings. I appreciate that parents work and it is tricky however the children only start school once.

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