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Interview help neede asap!


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I HAve an interview on Friday for a post as a teacher in charge of a language unit. This is a job I already do so I am confident in sign etc. But teh spread of ability, I have been told is from 16 - 25 months to 40 - 60 beginning in Reception and P6 to 2c in Ks1. All children, 12 in total, will be together.


I was going to read, as requested, my chosen text 3 Billy Goats Gruff, but then I have to teach follow up.


My thoughts are around re telling using teh finger puppets with teh younger children with teh objective of learning and developing new language whereas, with teh olde ones, re telling through role play. But what would a 16 - 25 month year old respond best to?

Should I mix KS1 and Rec?



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