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Using Story Maps - HELP!

Guest Blossom17

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Guest Blossom17



I have a lesson observation next Tues. We had an email on the last day of term so that was a GREAT start to the hols! I'm already stressing about this and it's a week away.


I am starting a new topic of Jack and the Beanstalk with my mixed reception/year 1 class so I will spend most of Monday immersing the children in the story.


I'm thinking story maps might be a good lesson for Tues but I'm not sure how to structure this.


Any advice, ideas much appreciated.




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I would suggest that a story map on teh Tuesday is too soon. May be focus on them re telling the story through role play, small world having heard you read it to them again and joined in with Fee Fi Fo fum etc. The story map should really be the last thing that you do before writing. Have a look at Pie Corbett re telling stories. There are some fab You Tube clips that could give you some useful pointers and ideas.


Best of luck x

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Id perhaps not want to try something like a story map for an observation unless the class and I had had a go without being observed first.

What do you want out of your session on Tuesday? What groups of children are you going to be focusing on/ are there any gaps your are looking to fill?


Love this topic...what about opening the book on Tuesday and some seeds in a packet fall out with a letter from Jack's mum... depending on where you want to go here you could focus on...


Can we help Jack's mum to share the seeds between her and Jack? (maths focus)

Can we help her to count the seeds?

Can we sort the seeds as there are lots of different types and they are all mixed up (tweezers, sorting trays)

She needs to sell them, can we write out some prices/ design some packets that are waterproof (test materials to see which is best)

Make warning signs to go with the seeds telling people to be careful about the giants that might appear

Instructions about how to grow them..

and then there is planting them... dark, light, without water, without soil...


only once the story is known inside and out would i then venture to use the story map....


Good luck with your obs.

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