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Hi Sunflower

Am replying because no one else has!!!!! Don't know if this is any use.

I use phonic boxes, shoe boxes covered with appropriate paper, e.g pink paper for p, bear patterned paper for b etc Letter symbols on lid and sides of boxes

Inside -collection of objects from around nursery beginning with relevant sound. Letter symbols, nursery rhyme beginning with appropriate sound and an idea for an activity -make a bus for bears, paint a picture of a penguin- that the children can do themselves

Also have made sound lotto games - use a lotto game and the children tape the sounds/description of item

Photos of children with easy names -Mark, Freya - match the initial sound of name/name card to photo, also works with pictures of equipment/resources

plastic bottle tops (from milk bottles) with letter symbols hide them in the sand, children collect all same symbol or have to find and match to lotto type card

Cars, stick lettter symbol on cars and make parking bays labelled with same letters, at end of session children park cars appropritely

Moving day in dolls house/role play. Provide labelled boxes and collect objects


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There'a a 'Little Book of Phonics' by Featherstone Education that has ideas for some inexpensive, homemade resources. You can order online I think, at





Or failing that Amazon might stock it. The books cost £6.50 when I got mine.

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