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Reception adult/child initiated balance?


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Calling all reception teachers...with the pressures of the new yr1 curriculum that our children face when they move up... How much child initiated time do you give your reception chn?


Rough ideas of a typical day would be helpful if you have the time to say?





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as much as we possibly can - they'll be in KS1 soon enough!

So we work with groups through the day and, when they're not working with an adult children are free to choose their own work. We do have 4 whole class sessions - 20 mins max- during the day. I really dislike interrupting children working together or when they are deeply involved in their own work, so am looking hard at Alistair Bryce-Clegg's philosophy of taking the learning to the child.

Having said that we do prepare them for Year 1 by developing their independence as much as poss - sorting out their own hats and coats, book bags etc, and we do gradually encourage parents to leave children at the door rather than bringing them in during the Summer term, and they spend quite a lot of time in Summer 2 with their Year 1 teacher.

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