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I am going to be the lead teacher in a brand new nursery which will be attached to our school. I currently work in Reception in the afternoons so am very excited about this new opportunity but I'm in need of answers to some questions please


Where is the best place to go to find out about the funding for two and three year olds from a schools perspective? I can find it from a parent's perspective but not as a provider.


We will be having mixed two and threes, as in all in the same room, do I order furniture etc suitable from two or is from 3 ok? (Community playthings have 0-2 or 3-5)


What changing facilities will we require?


Does there have to be a specific place for naps or is a 'nook' suitable? (Such as those in community playthings)


What would be your essentials (dream) list for equipment and furniture?


Thanks for your help! ?

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Check out 'Cosy '...much cheaper than Community Playthings and more child orientated....brilliant

catalogue..but if your budget is open ended you have no need to economise.My setting was mixed ages until

our 2 year old room opened Jan.

When we opened 10 yrs ago I bought 28 cm high chairs,so suitable for 2-5..gopak tables that fold away to make space for dancing,physical etc.

Your Local Authority will be able to help with funding.....even their website should have detailed information about that. Where are you situated? Our LA in Suffolk has extensive website for parents and

providers to use.

Changing normally has to be done privately in your toilet facilities.or you may be lucky and havea

specified area for nappy changing.

Dream List......more space,a better rate of funding to cover staff costs,enthusiastic teenagers that

profess to want to get into childcare,but in fact do not want to work.

Good luck with your new job xx

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We have 2,3,4 yr olds in one room and have the chairs for age range 3-5

We don't have a separate sleep area but our book corner has a more soft pile mat, bean bags and soft chairs for children to rest & sleep if they wish

We also use the Go-Pak folding tables as we are packaway, but I think these would be good in a school environment too as they are easier to store away if not needed, especially in the early days when you will probably need more floor toys.

I would also have as much storage as possible on castors so that you can change the look of your room easier.

So will your school have a 2-3 class and a 3-4 class and then Reception?

Will you be taking children throughout the year or just have one intake?

Good luck :1b

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I can't think of any company more child orientated than Community Playthings. If your budget allows for it, then go or their equipment..........they also do a free room layout design service and will advise on what you need, where to put it etc. Everything they sell is guaranteed for 10 years ( including their sleep mats). You will find many products for sale that imitate CP, but you won't buy better than them. We have CP equipment which is in daily, rigorous use, that dates back to the 1950's, that,I think, speaks volumes about their quality and durability. My mum always said,'if you buy cheap, you buy twice'.......she was right! We have bought from other companies in the past and things just don't stand up to constant use. I don't think you would ever regret buying from CP and they will never push you to buy anything. You're very lucky though; good luck with it all :)

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Thanks for your replies.

We will have a nursery in a large portacabin and this is separate from the current Rception classroom and outdoor area so I will have my own outdoor space. We will take children throughout the year due to when their funding starts or if they come after we start the term. We will hopefully have the portacabin by June if all goes as scheduled so I will do some home visits for those already registered and also once it is set up, we will probably allow visit days too.


I've never heard of 'cosy' so will look at that too, thanks again

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