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Hello all


i'm after some easy and cheap ideas. :o

we only opened in September so money is tight. I was after some ideas for activities to make.. i want to put together a box for mathematical development and CLL but all ideas will be welcome.

One tip i was given was to cut up broom stales to use during music, the kids love using them to keep the beat to the music, and at 79p and a lick of child friendly paint (makes about 9 depending on size you want them) cant be bad :D



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Lots of maths resources can be made out of odds and ends. here are three games my chidren enjoy:


-a set of paper cups and buttons. Put one button under two cups, two buttons under two cups, three buttons under two cups etc. Chidren play a pairs game turning up two cups at a time to try to find a matching pair. If they do they win a 'special ' button. Play as long as you like and count up special buttons won at the end. Brilliant for estimating and counting.


-collect and cover individual cereal boxes. Make them into little houses and number them like a street. Place a play person in or next to each house. Make a set of envelopes with numbers and the children have to play postman and deliver the envelopes. At this time of year of course they can be Christmas cards!


-cover a small crisp tube with shiny paper. Put in a number of strips of paper with numerals or dots according to children's understanding. Add a few strips with instructions such as 'jump up and down' or'clap your hands'. Children take turns to pull out a strip and have to identify the numbers or do the action.


Have fun!

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